Medical Social Work

caregiver and group of seniors

Living with physical limitations or health condition can affect an individual’s overall well-being. Through social work services, you and the family can seek support in coping with social problems caused by certain changes in health status. This is done through delivering evidence-based wellness and lifestyle management interventions. The objective is to recognize the patient as a full member of society. Social workers render support services during your recovery from and/or adjustment to acute or chronic medical conditions.

Services include, but not limited to the following:

  • Help in navigating health care options
  • Assess the patient’s community involvement
  • Provide valuable resources for all aspects of community life (housing, transportation, meal services, and more)
  • Reduce environmental stressors
  • Optimize safety and coping capacity
  • Allow participation in the decisions that affect them, their home, and their community
  • Offer opportunities for socialization and experiences in the community life

Core Functions of Social Workers

  • Assessment of psychosocial aspects of the patient, families, and social support systems
  • Family education and medication to patient and families in relation to physical and psychological needs
  • Counseling for individuals and families
  • Evaluation of the patient’s risk and safety
  • Assistance with financial situations
  • Coordination and implementation of the post discharge care plan
  • Provision of information and referral services

For concerns and inquiries, please call or visit us at our location. You may also set an appointment to personally talk to a registered nurse.